About Me

Hello world! My name is Lesley, and I have things to say. What do people with things to say do? They start a blog so that they can share those things with the world. So, that brings us here.

I am, and always have been, a crafter at heart. I teach knitting and crochet in evenings and occasional weekends at my LYS*. Recently, I have picked up sewing again, and I am anxious to make my own clothes. I own a sewing machine, a serger, a loom, and a spinning wheel. I don’t spin as often as I would like though!

At some point in my life, I also started to identify with “geek” and “nerd” culture. I could blame my mom, who sewed me a Tasha Yar costume for Halloween when I was 8 (we can blame her for crafting too), but I have come pretty far into discovering new  geeky hobbies for myself). Of late, that has specifically manifested as board games.

These two things together brings us to my new home on the internet, On Pins and Meeples! I’m here to talk sewing, crafting, and games. I can’t wait to meet you!